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Tube Fittings

We at Mahseer Product along with our partner Isaac Grainger, have excellent track record in the industry, supplies a wide range of tube fittings for raised access flooring solutions. We also take pride in our capabilities in providing professional services including recommendations for the best types of raised access flooring systems as well as their accessories from pedestals to stringers, fittings and threading rods.

Our advice about fittings, especially those of the uncommon types, is invaluable where our customers â you, for example â are concerned. Keep in mind that fittings require resources including time, materials and money to install, thus, making these a non-trivial part of the raised access flooring solutions in commercial and industrial establishments.

The more accuracy about your choices in tube fittings, the more benefits that you can enjoy from your customised raised access flooring solutions. This is especially true for raised access flooring systems containing water and drainage pipes although systems for data and telecommunications, fire detection and suppression, and environmental purposes will also greatly benefit.

Also known as nipples, tube fittings are usually short pieces of pipes in varying lengths although these are usually designed with a male pipe thread at both ends, thus, connecting two other nipples. Isaac Grainger supplies three main types of nipples, namely, barrel nipples, close taper nipples, and running nipples with each one suitable for specific uses and with specific benefits.

Barrel nipples are simply short pieces of pipe while close nipples have no unthreaded area. Running nipples, in contrast, are threaded along their entire lengths. Keep in mind, too, that the length of the nipple is typically specified according to the overall length of the threads instead of the fitting itself. This is because the British Standard Pipe Thread (BPST) will not match up with ruler measurements.

We suggest asking our experienced staff members about the best type of nipples for the job, thus, ensuring the best value for your money. You can call us or email us for more information about the matter.

Our tube fittings can also be used for two purposes. First, these can be used for plumbing and hoses and, second, as valves for pipes and funnels. Many raised access flooring solutions have nipples as one of their components so much so that without these plumbing fixtures, the systems will not be the solutions these have been designed to be.

A few examples of our plumbing nipples are:

We at Mahseer Product along with out partner Isaac Grainger take great pride in our extensive range of tube fittings, we’ve been in the business for over 150 years and are sure we’ll have all the supplies you’ll need.

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