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Access Flooring Panels & Grills

Access floor is the modern day solution to the problem of space in offices or commercial buildings. The raised access floor creates a void beneath the substrate floor which can house a wide range of mechanical and electrical systems.

The floors are made with load-bearing access flooring panels and grills, which are then laid in a horizontal grid and supported by vertical adjustable pedestals.

Importance of Installing High Quality Access Floor Panels & Grills

The access floor stores all the vital systems of your workplace. It also has to carry the entire surface load of your workspace. So, it is absolutely imperative that the access flooring panels & grills are of the best and highest quality.

Even a little compromise on the quality of access flooring panels & grills can prove disastrous in the long run.

Our Access Flooring Panels & Grills

We, at Mahseer Product, have brought for you an extensive range of strong, stable and durable raised access flooring solutions with the best access flooring panels and grills.

Our wide range includes access flooring panels and grills designed for all kinds of office spaces.

The panels are steel encapsulated to ensure durability and strength while the grills have rigid construction and galvanised finish so that the entire raised access flooring system will be both practical and attractive.

We provide you the following choices for access flooring panels and grills:

BSEN steel encapsulated floor panel grills

Medium grade steel encapsulated panels

Medium grade vinyl with Permaflor grills

Heavy grade vinyl with Permaflor grills

Floor grill Type A

Floor grill Type B

Floor grill Type A with damper

Floor grill Type B with damper

Why Choose Our Access Flooring Panels & Grills

Commitment has been our other name at Mahseer Product. We have provided unmatched service for all your flooring needs and get you expertise and quality of UK technology at Indian prices. 

Moreover, when you place your order with us, we dispatch the order within twenty-four hours of processing the order.

Our partners, Isaac Grainger, have years of experience and vast technical knowledge to provide any assistance for your access floor requirement.

We provide only the most superior quality access flooring panels & grills for all the jobs that we undertake. So, look no further to get the perfect access floor for your office. 

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