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About Mahseer Product Private Limited

(An Indo UK Joint Venture Company )


Mahseer Product is an Indo UK joint venture company. Our UK counter part "Issac and Graingers" have been in business for over 150 years. At Mahseer product we have gained expertise in technology, driven and demonstrated by our partners Issac and Grainger. We tend to leverage  our partner's experience and expertise in business and provide the products designed and developed with UK technology at Indian cost to our customers. 

Today we are a name to reckon for all your access flooring needs With time, we diversified into access floors. Today, we supply a comprehensive choice of products from all-thread, pipe fittings and pedestals to a complete range of raised access flooring systems including access flooring accessories.

An access floor has almost become a necessity in offices and commercial spaces owing to their unmatched convenience and benefits. We provide superior and hassle free services for all your access flooring requirements.

Our Mission

We at Mahseer Product along with our partners Issac and Grainger are a company driven by ethics. Only mission is to deliver "Only the best for our customers". Customer relationship remains a priority for us . We believe in delivering promises and that is what makes us one of the leaders in access flooring.

Our Promise

We promise to deliver only the best quality access flooring solutions to you. We believe in delivery within twenty-four hours of the processing of the order. We pay personal attention to each and every delivery and provide personalized customer care. We also promise to give you the most superior service for all your access flooring needs and in all cases Issac Graingers share their 150 years of experience in the business.

ISO 9001 & 140001 Certification   

We are in process to have a documented Quality Policy. Our procedures are based on ISO 9001 and the ISO14001 practices. We have a dedicated environmental team working on obtaining ISO in Environmental Management. We respect the Data Protection Act principles of good practice. That is why we can proudly proclaim that our access flooring products are the best that you can get in the market.

Our Access Flooring Products

Our wide range of access flooring products and services include:

  • Raised access flooring

  • Access floor pedestals

  • Access flooring panels and grills

  • Pedestal accessories

  • Tube fittings

  • Allthread tubular and solid

Why Customers Trust Us

  • Unmatched quality and service

  • Our personalised customer care services

  • Inline practise of ISO 9001 and the ISO14001 practices

  • Prompt and personalised attention with deliveries

  • Wide and comprehensive range of products

We continuously strive for excellence in all we do and our motto is to serve you better with each passing day. If you want an access floor for your space, look no further. Your search for your access flooring requirement stops here. 


Contact us at to get the raised access flooring of your choice.

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