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Access Floor Pedestals


Access flooring is the most popular and convenient solution for all hardware networking in modern offices and commercial spaces. At Mahseer Product, we specialize in access flooring systems and superior quality access floor pedestals. With UK Technology and our expertise, we assure you of the best services for all your access flooring requirements at least cost.

What are Access Floor Pedestals?


Access floor pedestals are vertical structures that support the raised floor panel. These are adjustable fixtures that can be adapted to suit your access flooring requirements. Each pedestal is bonded to the substrate floor using epoxy resin based adhesive which can be strengthened by mechanical fixing.

Benefits of Access Floor Pedestals

  • With access floor pedestals, you can adjust the height of the raised access flooring depending on the customer requirement and load bearing capacity of the existing structure.

  • Access floor pedestals can be used on substrate floors with subtle undulations.

  • The access floor pedestal heads provide strength to the panel locations. The pedestal heads are the connection points for fixing the panel flooring. Coupled with the locking nuts, these provide strong, durable and stable access flooring.


Our Access Floor Pedestals Range

Access floor pedestals, commonly known as legs or up-stands are, perhaps, the most important structural component of access flooring. Choose the pedestals with utmost care to ensure the best installation.

Remember, a little compromise on the quality of the pedestal can have a major impact on the entire installation. Your entire investment can go waste if you choose inferior quality pedestals. So, avoid choosing access floor pedestals based on cost alone.

Keeping this in mind, we have brought for you a range of superior quality pedestals to suit all your access flooring needs. These are suitable for use in commercial and industrial spaces with any existing under structure and provide support and strength for enhanced safety and security.

Our range includes:

  • For light to medium-heavy applications: 26mm to 310mm

  • For medium to heavy applications: 250mm to 675mm

  • For heavy applications: 650mm to 1525mm


Why Choose Our Access Floor Pedestals

Our access floor pedestals are made from strong, stable and durable anti-rust, anti-corrosion materials making them suitable for use in environments where low static electricity is a must.

These products are also designed to enhance rolling load strength by allowing for continuous edge support and lateral stability. Our access floor pedestals comply with the ISO 9001 standards to provide you unmatched quality.

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